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Where to advertise your property

Where to advertise your property

Advertising your property is simple. It comes down to three things, where to advertise, when to advertise and what to say in your advert.

The first step is to dentify the type of property you want to advertise and who you will be targeting, this will determine the type of media, publication or website the property will be marketed towards. The websites you choose should be more up-market and cover a large range of properties. Local pages and newsagents are also sometimes good to advertise and get a good response, but in this age of computers and the internet print media can be very difficult to market properties, when free publication sites like exist. If you are prepared to let to students, universities & colleges, the places surrounding these locations are also good places to advertise. If you are a member of a local/national landlord association, they might be an area where you can advertise.

The best option is to advertise your property online. Properties can target a broader prospective tenant pool when advertised online and is easily accessible 24 hours a day, for anybody interested in the property to view.

Black Horse Property can advertise for you. If you want to sell your property in Bradford or Shipley,  we can send you quick marketing appraisal and valuation with one of four Marketing Plus Packages. We handle all enquiries such as checking the property, providing a distinctive Sale Board, Property Activity Reports and giving you helpful information throughout the entire process. You can also add to marketing package with our pay-as-you-go Marketing Add-ons.

For more information regarding our Marketing Plus Packages, please visit & Black Horse Property Direct.

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