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The Importance of Property Inventory

The Importance of Property Inventory

If you are letting property in Bradford or Shipley , it is important to have an inventory for household items inside your property, you don't want to folk out for the cost of damaged items, when the damage was not created by you. Landlords do not have the facilities to restore any items that the tenant damages. Fixtures, fittings, furnishings and effects must be left in the same place and condition at the end of the tenancy as they were at the start. Tenants usually have to pay for the washing (if you provide it) of all linen and for the washing and cleaning (including ironing) of all blankets and curtains which have been soiled during the tenancy.

 Each item in the property has to be carefully analysed for things such as  the condition, make and model number should be noted and whether operating instructions have been provided. Describe the condition of carpets, curtains, walls and windows with any marks and flaws noted. The tenant should use a initial against each description of item and for the number of keys received. It is recommended that you get Black Horse Property's Inventory Add-on, we can carry out all of the inventory and schedule check-ins and at move-out. We include time-dated photos and a video. It is best if the same person does the check-in and check-out to make notes on any marks, chips or damages to furnishings.

It is important to have all the information available that they are likely to need know about the property. Having a detailed inventory check will make a significant impact on the management of your property, with date stamps, photos and videos if needed. Black Horse Property is committed to giving professional property inventory and can ensure that you get all the benefits in employing an experienced inventory clerk to do all the hard work for you.

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