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Selling property online

Selling property online

For many people their home is the most important and valuable asset they own. It is not only a shelter from the elements but is also a nest egg and investment for many people, so maximising the return you get and minimising the costs of buying, selling and renting property is vital.

This is ever more apparent in the current UK economic climate, with both falling house prices in most parts of the UK and mortgages becoming harder to find. Savvy home sellers need to make sure that they are using all the tools, techniques, and services at their disposal to not only make the sale but to get the most from that sale.

Despite all the doom and gloom about the property market, savvy UK home sellers have an exceptional and very easy to reach resource available to them, which can potentially reach out to millions of potential buyers and save thousands in estate agent fees & commissions.

So what is this amazing resource?

The internet of course, available through smart phones, tablets, computers, games consoles, and so many of the everyday devices we take for granted. Worth over £121 billion in 2010 according to the BBC, and growing, the UK’s increasingly digital economy and an internet savvy population presents a lucrative alternative to the traditional high street estate agent.

Online estate agents are now providing an increasing cost effective home sales solution to vendors, offering highly competitive and affordable sales & property marketing packages and 0% commission on sales, regardless of the final selling price.

With most high street estate agencies charging between 1% - 2% commissions on sales compared to fixed price online marketing packages priced at £390.00 through reputable estate agents in Bradford.

So you don't want to pay commission?

Currently the average UK house price stands at £238,293, 2% commission on an average priced UK property would cost the vendor £4765.86 in commissions alone.

If you don't want to pay large commissions when you sell or rent your property, choose Black Horse Property Direct, they provide a cost effective direct property sales and rentals service with a range of exclusive marketing packages and professional estate agent services.

Black Horse Property Direct have made it more accessible for new tenants and home-owners to advertise property online with no hidden fees and no commission. The best thing about selling or renting your house online is that our services are open when you want us to be, so selling your house has never been easier.

For more information regarding our online property marketing & management services in Bradford & Shipley, please Black Horse Property Direct. Follow and join Black Horse Property on Facebook & Twitter.

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