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Improve your chances of selling in 2012

Five ways to... Improve your chances of selling in 2012.

  1. Be realistic - Property prices have fallen around 15% to 20% on average in our area since 2007. It pays to make sure you're realistically priced to ensure the best chances of securing a sale.
  2. Be competitive - Review the local market - what's your competition and what's sold recently? Consider a price correction to align your property with the current market. It's all about positioning your property as an attractive "bargain" for potential buyers.
  3. Addressing key turn-offs and problems - We all know first impressions count and presentation is everything. Your home needs to be like a "show home". If your property is not nicley presented, clean and tidy at least - then your not making the best of first impressions. Get feedback and face problem areas.
  4. Reaccess and monitor activity - It can be tough and frustrating waiting for that buyer, but the right agent can help keep you on the right track. In today's market we need to constantly reassess and monitor activity on your home - it's about been flexible, proactive and "360 degree activity".
  5. Have the right plan of action - If you choose an agent to help maxmise your chances of selling then what is their plan of action and have they included you in the decision making process. It needs to be a team effort. Get the right plan of action so you know what to expect and what will happen to sell your home successfully.

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